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menopause symptoms

"Alison is very intuitive and has a natural gift in both Acupuncture and massage.  I have been treated by her many times and could not recommend her more highly!"  L.S.


"Alison's considerable experience shines through with every treatment, her knowledge and understanding of both Western and Chinese medicine is incredible. She has such a calming and confident demeanour, you instantly recognise that you are in safe and capable hands. Each treatment with Alison has yielded significant results for back pain, and other musculoskeletal issues."   P.M.

musculoskeletal & fluid retention 

"Really brilliant acupuncture session with Alison yesterday. Very thorough and totally relaxing.  Today my back, hips and legs have felt so much looser, I can't quite believe it!  Looking forward to my next visit."   A.M.

Teenage hormonal imbalances with musculo-skeletal injury

"I have found Alison to be very capable and professional and would highly recommend her.  My daughter is walking and even running again after an ankle injury and she has been of great help to me too after just one treatment! Thank you so much!"  S.B.

I have had numerous acupuncture treatments with Alison over the last couple of years - mostly for tension in my upper neck.  Her treatments have always helped me considerably - far above and beyond my expectations.  As a practitioner, she is calm, professional and highly informative.  I couldn't recommend her highly enough."  B.C.

Musculo-skeletal and anxiety 


I am so grateful to Alison and her wonderful Acupuncture.  I had been suffering from a growing sense of anxiety and continually felt as though I had butterflies in my stomach.  At times my chest felt tight and I was short of breath; often on the verge of tears.  The feelings were intensifying and even my normal daily life felt too much for me to handle.  In short, I was not functioning at all well and I felt like a tightly coiled spring.

Having had acupuncture years before for an unrelated issue, I was aware of its efficacy.  I decided this would be my first attempt at breaking this cycle I was in.  Alison was completely lovely and listened sympathetically as I downloaded my feelings on her.  She immediately reassured me that she was able to help.  The first treatment was preceded by a much needed back massage.  Overall the treatments very comfortable and relaxing.  Alison carefully explained what she was doing and was more than happy to answer questions about the process.  For the rest of the day after the appointment, I felt very tired but instantly knew that life was improved.  

I was completely bowled over by how things had changed for me after just the first appointment.  The butterflies were gone and the tightly coiled spring released.  I had not expected such positive change so quickly and felt enormously happy to be freed of the unpleasant feelings of panic.  

Whilst the pressures of life remained the same, my strength and ability to deal with them had returned.  I am hugely grateful to Alison and will continue to see her from time to time.  I find acupuncture and its ability to heal emotionally and physically - fascinating.  I will always recommend Alison to others."



Having suffered with debilitating fibromyalgia, depression and chronic fatigue for years I had given up on ever feeling well again or getting back to my old energetic life. 


I decided to try acupuncture to manage my symptoms with cautious expectation. However, after 1 treatment with Alison I immediately felt different. I was bursting with energy, noticed fewer and less severe symptoms and, to my great suprise, happy! 


From, the moment I met Alison I knew she was special. Even from a brief consultation her empathy, compassion and professionalism was evident. 


Alison's treatments have not only changed my life but saved my quality of life. I feel reborn.



"Alison is extremely professional, so calm, friendly and easy to talk to when discussing symptoms. Her treatment room is also beautifully done and offers a peaceful environment and with plenty of parking outside it is so convenient.
The treatments that I have received from Alison have been so beneficial that I will not leave and now have monthly visits. I have found her acupuncture to also be extremely beneficial with my menopausal symptoms, especially with any anxiety."  



"Alison has a wonderful, caring nature combined with a professional attitude that immediately put me at ease. Each session began with an analysis of symptoms and factors that needed addressing. This was followed by a personalised course of treatment that had positive effects. I would highly recommend Alison."



"Alison was extremely professional in her approach to my ongoing sneezing issue. After 3 sessions all had calmed down. I would thoroughly recommend a visit."


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